About Lovender S. White

Hello, this is the Website for the Author Lovender S. White. Here you can enjoy blogs, short stories and other creative or nerdy stuff.

Current plan for this site is to be focused on short stories and just recently poetry. But there will be more content. Blogs about the creative industry and Lovender’s personal journey to a career as an author, blogs/essays over fun topics such as adaptations, tropes, etc. And perhaps in the future posting art related to the shorts on this site such as concept art or comic strips.

Here’s the latest posts. You can also check the tabs to view specifically what you want to read.

Lovender S. White Bio

An author fresh on the scene. She studied Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, practicing the craft of filmmaking and storytelling at the Art Institute of Houston. Having a passion for both film and writing, she dived into both fields. Lovender S. White started writing two works in progress. A romantic-drama and a fun fantasy-adventure. However, Lovender quickly understood she needed to show off more of her writing so she began a blog dedicated to short stories and her journey into the lucrative creative careers she has a passion for.